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file set up

laser engraving files 


laser engraving files  

Please set up your file as follows:

    • Vector-engraved lines — Vector engraving files should be saved as PDF, DXF,

Dwg, Ai, etc. Use a vector engraving file when very precise engraving is needed.

Please be sure to "ungroup" the individual elements within your vector files before

sending. Also, be careful to not have two of the same line shape over top of each

other... Otherwise, the laser will "double-cut" this area.


    • Raster-engraved areas — Raster engraving files can be saved in two ways:

"black and white bit map raster files", and "256 color grayscale raster files". Use a

"black and white bitmap raster file" when a solid tone is needed to be engraved.

Use a "256 grayscale raster file" when a multi-tonal or photograhic engraving is


    • Engraving depths — We can vary the laser speed and power to change

engraving depths. We will do our best to engrave any depths you specify but

we cannot guarantee any particular accuracy with engraving depths. Raster and

vector engraving are best for making cosmetic markings and are not suitable

making mechanical grooves or features with precise depths.

    • First surface and Second surface engraving — We can engrave clear and

transparent plastic from the front (first surface) or back (second surface) of the

material. Mirrored acrylic is typically engraved on the back (the matte gray side)

so that when you look at the piece from the front or mirrored side, you can see the

engraved areas that have been etched into the mirror film on the back.

    • Text — Text for engraving should be converted from a font to a vector

format (often called "breaking apart text to lines or polylines" in CAD, or

"converting text to curves", or "create outlines" in other drawing programs

etc.). Be sure to fill the line-art text black and remove any outlines unless

they are to be engraved.

    • Files with cutting,  and vector engraving — We can

laser cut, and vector engrave a design all as a single job. All

images, lines, text, etc. to be vector engraved should be

a part of the same file as the cutting file. You do not need to split the

cutting and engraving among different files.



Contact us with any further questions about laser engraving

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