Acrylic letters with gold foil faces and painted sides.

Client: Local Sign Company

Application: Interior letters for the bank office

Details: Laser cut Acrylic letters. Thickness - 1/2", size - up to 12" tall letters. After these letters were laser cut, they were painted: surface and sides. On the back the letters have stand-off pins for a final installation. We provide templates with exact position of the stand-off pins.

It is quite easy to install letters with stand-off pins using a template. Template usually represents the whole phrase and has exact positions of the pins for each letter. Installers will hang the template first and tape it to the wall with masking tape. Then installers suppose to check the diameter of the pins and drill the holes using drill bits of exact pin dimension or slightly larger. When all holes are drilled the template should be removed from the wall and letters should be easily inserted into the predrilled holes. A small amount of silicon glue gel may be added into the holes and a back side of the letters to provide additional security to the mounted sign.