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Leather is used in clothing, stationary, decorations, accessories, and several different types of novelty products. Laser cutting lets you create more intricate and detailed designs to carve or cut into that leather. It can be used for practical purposes, such as creating difficult leather patterns, or it can be used for decoration to leather items.

In addition to leather laser cutting solutions, we offer leather laser engraving services for leaving detailed markings on leather products of all shapes and sizes.

Whatever it is you plan to create, our leather cutting and engraving services are there to help turn your design into something you can hold and feel. Contact Laser Cutting Shapes to start your leather laser cutting or engraving project today!

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Features & Benefits

Leather engraving creates eye-catching shapes in a traditionally bland material, and professional laser cutters can provide detailed, intricate cuts that are simply not possible by hand. Benefits include:

Laser cutting makes it possible to create small, sharp cuts and edges.

Laser cutting will not damage even the thinnest of leather.

Laser cutters are faster than other machinery, and perfect for high quantity items.

With a laser cut service, you are also able to cut interesting shapes, create visually impressive engravings, and design products that are genuinely impressive to the eye.

Q&A for Leather Laser Cutting

We can work with all different textures of leather, including natural leather, suede leather, and even synthetic leather (pleather). We also can both carve and engrave onto leather of varying thickness.

Leather is durable, but it is prone to scratches and visible damage. Lasers do not touch the leather, which means that the cuts will not cause scratches, or otherwise damage the material in a way that makes it less desirable. There is no pressure on any part of the leather itself.

We adjust the heat depending on the type of leather and its quality to ensure that the cut or carving will not be damaged by the heat of the laser.

Some manmade leather products do contain material, such as plastic, that turns to a harmful gas when carved or cut. But most can still be successfully engraved. Let us know what the material is and we will let you know if there are any issues.

“I opened just a couple (snowflakes), waiting for install Monday. They look fantastic!”

J..... C....., Project: Laser Cut acrylic snowflakes for The Museum of Modern Art

Vadim, The letters are FABULOUS. Thank you for your attention to detail on this project. And I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Cate Roman, Artist, MFA Thesis Exhibition at Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont, CA

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