Hypalon Material 

Laser Cut Hypalon Uses & Industries

Hypalon is a trademark for chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM) noted for its resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet light, and weather. Due to its unique characteristics, Hypalon is extremely popular for military applications and other high performance use cases including:

  • Military Attire
  • Containment Suits
  • Outdoor Gear and Equipment
  • Protective and Decorative Coatings
  • And more!

Laser cutting Hypalon is ideal for products that require resistance to chemicals, extreme temperatures, and ultraviolet light and that require precision cutting and attention to detail. Laser Cutting Shapes has a diverse array of experience producing custom laser cut Hypalon products, designed to exacting specifications for use across numerous high intensity industries and use cases.

Laser Cut Hypalon Military Tactical Vest


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Hypalon Laser Cutting Features & Benefits

Hypalon has numerous features and benefits that make it ideal for specialty projects. Laser Cutting Shapes offers state-of-the-art facilities and brings experience with sensitive government and private sector product development initiatives that will help ensure the security and privacy of your projects. Some benefits to using Hyaplon and Laser Cutting Shapes for your project include:

An inherent strength of Hypalon is its UV stability. When properly manufactured, it can withstand extended exposure to direct sunlight with limited degradation of its electrical and mechanical properties

In addition to its unique UV stability, Hypalon is known for its ruggedness. Hypalon combines the flexibility of rubber with extreme ruggedness, allowing it to remain versatile while maintaining its reliability.

Hypalon is often used as an exterior coating thanks to its resistance to abrasion, ozone, gasoline, oil, chemicals, and environmental factors like mildew and fungus.

Our laser cutting equipment and facilities are well secured. We will sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent any concerns regarding security. We are proud to serve number of companies including NASA.

Q&A For Hypalon Laser Cutting

Lasers are able to cut the most detailed Hypalon patterns you can imagine. You can send us any vector file, or we can develop one for you from a drawing. We can also help you with your layout to get the most yields from your expensive textiles.

Laser Cutting Shapes can cut 51″ wide and endless lengths limited only by the length of your roll of fabric. We can also cut / etch large rawhide skins right on our laser bed.

If you work with textiles, you know how difficult it is to achieve consistent results when cutting certain materials with conventional methods. It’s almost impossible to cut the same shape every time. Lasers offer precise cuts whether you are cutting 10 shapes, 1,000 shapes, or 10,000 shapes. The cut is the same every time.

Yes, we have secure facilities and highly trained personnel who have experience handling sensitive materials and designs. We can enter into non-disclosure agreements to protect intellectual property and ensure that your security compliance protocols are adhered to at all times. We have experience working with numerous government contractors and agencies, including NASA, working on highly sensitive product concepts and production runs.