All the lettering we produce at Laser Cutting Shapes is custom tailored for each individual customer.

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When you need to make an impression on the world in a big way, stand out with custom sign lettering. From a store front sign, to lettering on a window, we here at Laser Cutting Shapes can help.

The images below shows examples of a variety of customized laser cut sign lettering, including signage for restaurants,office identity, and retail promotion. We make the process of creating a lettered sign easy for you. Pick out the material you would like to use to create your custom lettering, which can be created from a variety of fonts.

Decide how you would like to finish the letters, which can be painted with Pantone colors or laminated. When the letters are ready to be mounted onto a wall or window they can either be attached with adhesives, or held in place by studs. Details are listed below for materials, finishing, and installation.

clear acrylic logo component
stand-off post for sign letters

This graphic helps to describe the process of mounting letters  with studs (stand off pins) using a laser cut template.

Pricing & Ordering

Minimum order – $250
Special discounts are available for sign and designer companies in case of the large orders
To calculate the price, round up the height size to the next highest price.

Shipping – UPS or FedEx, ground or next day. Shipping charges are applied according to the carrier invoice.
Customer may provide their own account # with a carrier.

Order could be placed by phone: 614-848-5700, fax: 614-848-5703 or