Laser Cut Paper 

Uses and Industries 

Paper is a versatile material, which makes laser cutting useful for several distinct industries and applications. Some of the most notable include:

  • Laser Cut Invitations
  • Laser Cut Greeting Cards
  • Laser Cut Paper Packaging
  • Laser Cut Businesses Cards
  • Laser Cut Picture books
  • Laser Cut Decorations
  • Laser Cut Craft items (including stickers and scrapbook materials)
  • And more!

Our paper laser cutting technology is ready for any of your creative ideas.

360 Degree Paper Wedding Invitation Card

Laser Cut Paper Portfolio

Features & Benefits 

There are many benefits to utilizing a paper laser cut service. Some of the advantages include:


Detailed, precision cuts that cannot be made by hand.


Fast technology – detailed designs can be crafted in limited time.


Consistent cuts for high quantity product designs.


Prestigious class comes with our tasteful designs.

Q&A For Paper Laser Cutting

Every design is likely to have its own unique needs. We do our best to make the cost of precision laser cutting into paper to be as affordable as possible. Call us today for a no-obligation quote.

Not when completed by experts! It is true that the paper can burn at a thermal level, but when performed correctly and quickly, the paper instead becomes a gas with limited overall heat. This allows us to create cuts with no burn marks.

Yes. Lasers can be used to “engrave” a specific design onto some types of paper. The final look of engraved paper is often amazing. It is commonly used on products like business cards and invitations.

Unlike cutting with a scissors or similar tool, laser cutting does little to no damage to the paper. It puts no pressure on the paper itself so as to prevent wrinkles and creases, and does not leave any burn marks. For those seeking a custom cut paper design, laser cutting is the best choice.


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