Laser Cutting in Columbus, Ohio 

Columbus, Ohio Laser Cutting and Engraving Experts

Our people:

We are a skilled group of designers with backgrounds in laser and optical equipment, fine art, communication art, fashion design, material science and more.

Our equipment:
All of our laser cutting equipment is built in European countries like Germany, Italy and Switzerland. We believe we have the best and most precise equipment in the laser cutting industry.

What we do:
We cut and mark (engrave or etch) with lasers. We assist with file setup, drawing conversion and creation. We also provide final assembly and fabrication services.

Materials we work with:
We specialize in laser cutting services and laser marking of a variety of materials including: acrylic, plastics, paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, wood, vinyl, mirrors and many other materials suitable for laser cutting.

What we don’t work with:
We don’t laser cut metals, PVC and anything that is thicker than 1″


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