Our Company

Laser cut theater curtains

Laser Cutting Shapes is a true all American company based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Our People:
Its a wonderful group of designers with backgrounds in laser and optical equipment, design, fine art, communication art, fashion design, material science and more.

Our Equipment:
All our laser cutting equipment are built in European countries like Germany, Switzerland and other. We believe we have the best and most precise equipment in laser cutting industry.

What we do?
We laser cut, laser engrave, laser etch, laser mark. We assist with vector drawings and files for laser engraving. We provide final assembly and fulfillment.

What do we cut and engrave:
We specialize in laser cutting services and laser marking of a variety of materials including: acrylic, plastics, paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, wood, vinyl, mirrors and many materials suitable for laser cutting.

What we don’t cut?
We don’t laser cut metals, PVC and anything that is thicker than 1″


Striving to offer the best laser cutting service for a wide array of applications. Laser Cutting Shapes provide sophistication, class, and precision.

  • Precise laser cutting services

  • Best laser cutting equipment in the industry

  • Delicate textile laser cutting

  • Laser cut signage lettering and logos

  • Intricate laser cuts in paper, cards, stencils, and cardboard furniture

  • Intricate wood laser cutting and etching

  • Competitive pricing among laser job shops

Laser Cutting Shapes is your answer for precise laser cutting services in NY, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Central Ohio, the Midwest, and the United States. We also laser cut for clients in Europe, Canada, and Mexico. CALL US TODAY with your ideas!

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