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Laser Cut Backdrop Orpheum Theater
Orpheum Theater Backdrop by Laser Cutting Shapes

Our Company 


Our people:

Laser Cutting Shapes is a skilled group of designers with backgrounds in laser and optical equipment, fine art, communication art, fashion design, material science and more.

Our equipment:
All of our laser cutting equipment is built in European countries like Germany, Italy and Switzerland. We believe we have the best and most precise equipment in the laser cutting industry.

What we do:
We cut and mark (engrave or etch) with lasers. We assist with file setup, drawing conversion and creation. We also provide final assembly and fabrication services.

Materials we work with:
We specialize in laser cutting services and laser marking of a variety of materials including: acrylic, plastics, paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, wood, vinyl, mirrors and many other materials suitable for laser cutting.

What we don’t work with:
We don’t laser cut metals, PVC and anything that is thicker than 1″


At Laser Cutting Shapes, we strive to offer the best laser cutting service for a wide array of applications. Laser cutting shapes provides sophistication, class and precision.


  • Multiple types of laser cutting technology to work with up to 51″ x 63″ of cutting surface.
  • Ability to create perfectly sharp or rounded angles and curves, as well as the smallest holes.
  • Extremely intricate designs are possible, even with delicate lace.
  • Highest quality materials with perfect cuts every time.
  • Low cost minimum orders starting at $120 (plus $75 setup file).

Our cost structure is based on the following:

Total Cost = $Files + $Laser Processing + $Material + $Shipping

Files: $75/Hr for file(s) set up. In general, it takes no more than an hour to review and set laser files.

We also provide design assistance if the customer does not have files. It may take longer than an hour to produce new files for the customer.

Laser processing: $120/Hr processing the laser cutting and engraving.

Material cost: $ – Cost of the material is added only if we provide the material for laser cutting . The cost of material is dropped if the customer provides the material.

Shipping:  $ – Cost of shipping is dropped if the customer provides their shipping account # with FedEx.

Potential additional charges may include special handling, assembly and/or special packaging, etc.

Minimum cost of the laser cutting project is estimated at $195 ( $75, files + $120, 1 Hr of laser processing)

We can also convert your laser cut files for you:

Our conversion rate is $75 per hour.

Yes, we do work with overseas customers. So far, our foreign clients are in UK, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and other countries of Latin America.

The majority of papers cut very well. Papers that are considered to be difficult for the laser cutting are:

White or light colors ( yellowing is a huge problem for many laser cutters). We believe we know papers and our equipment well enough to eliminate this issue.

Glossy papers – these papers tend to keep a foggy residue when laser cut. The cut could be clean, but the residue is something quite noticeable. Uncoated and matte papers cut without a residue.

Dark Touche papers also may have a hint of the foggy residue. The light Touche papers are mostly fine.

This question is often asked by stationery customers.

We have local printers who we trust to do printing job for us. We also have foil stamping in house and outside sources for the larger size of foil stamping and letter press.

Yes, there are a number of projects when customers need a turnkey solution. In these cases we provide complete assembly and fulfillment.

In cases when customer needs assistance with design and preparation of the files, we provide such service at $75/Hr rate.

In many cases, heat generated during the laser cutting is cauterizing (sealing) the edges of the fabric. It prevents fraying and in many cases additional sewing of the edges is not needed. Also, laser cutting is done using digital files. It helps to keep 100% consistency and repeat-ability of the thousands and thousands laser cut textile parts.

One of the many other benefits is that laser provides the ability to cut amazingly “difficult” patterns in endless quantities.

Our company is NOT specializing in metal cutting. We only cut metal foils laminated on non metal substrates. Usually, it’s done for the imitation purposes on such products as sign letters and signage.

We accept all major credit cards : VISA, Master Card and Amex, as well as checks, bank wires and cash (usually for the local customers).

Please send a request to [email protected] with files, material description, short description of the project and required quantity. You can also call 614-848-5700 to discuss your project.

When we send you an estimate, we require at least 50% down payment to start production. The balance is paid at time of shipping.

Usually, we require PDF or AI files ( Vector files). In cases when the customer needs design assistance, we require to see the scans, online images, or sketches of the product that inspired the customer.

Yes, we are able to do large orders. Fortunately, we have a number of cutting and engraving systems that allows us to provide competitive costs and production volumes.

On average, we are aiming for completion within 5 to 10 days. Large projects may take longer. And we also have projects that are ongoing for years – long term production agreements.

We can cut 51″ wide and endless in another direction. The table can accommodate up to 60″ wide panels or rolls of fabric.

We can cut fabric from the roll or from the sheets. Maximum width of the roll allowed – 60″ wide. Cutting width is 51″.

We expect that such materials as leather, textile, some paper, some acrylics or rare types of wood will be selected and supplied by the customer. In any other cases, we would be glad to source and provide material.

We cut up to 1″ thick materials. We can engrave much thicker items and boxes.

Our minimum order is $195 ( $75 files set-up) + ($120 one hour of cutting) + cost of material and cost of shipping.

We can make a sample, but the minimum order requirement of $195 + $material + $shipping will apply.


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Vadim, The letters are FABULOUS. Thank you for your attention to detail on this project. And I look forward to working with you again in the future. Cate Roman, Artist, MFA Thesis Exhibition at Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont, CA
Cate Roman
MFA Thesis Exhibition at Peggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont, CA
“I opened just a couple (snowflakes), waiting for install Monday. They look fantastic!” J..... C....., Project: Laser Cut acrylic snowflakes for The Museum of Modern Art
J..... C.....
Project: Laser Cut acrylic snowflakes
for The Museum of Modern Art