Room Dividers and Partitions 

Unique Dividers and Partitions for Offices, Events, and more!

Maximize your space in style with custom made room dividers and partitions from Laser Cutting Shapes. Our precision laser can cut precise patterns, shapes, and sizes to deliver a design that has the style and function you desire. Thanks to our laser felt material, our room dividers are highly flexible and capable of delivering privacy, noise reduction, and modern aesthetics.

Room dividers are great for dividing up rooms and turning large areas into smaller, functional spaces. Whether you’re bringing a new interior design to life, perfecting your office space, adding privacy to an open layout, or just looking to add style to an existing room, a custom room partition or laser cut room divider from Laser Cutting Shapes can provide a creative way to redefine your space.

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Laser Cut Room Divider Partition Panels


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Popular Applications

With the popularity of open interior floor plans, decorative room dividers and custom made partitions have become creative ways to maintain versatility while delivering stylistic and functional advantages. Our laser cut dividers can be utilized in a number of situations. Common applications include:

Common Materials

The precision of laser cutting can be applied to a variety of different materials, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your interior room divider or privacy partition. From sturdy yet soft felt with its noise reduction capabilities to the wall bracing, cost effective wooden materials like plywood, our team of laser cutting experts can help advise on the perfect material for your job. Materials often used for custom room dividers and made-to-order partitions include:

Examples of Laser Cut Room Dividers and Partitions

In addition to custom made room dividers, we offer a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes to meet your needs. Hanging room dividers can be hung from our Laser Track system or in some cases your existing curtain hardware. When used with our Laser Track system, the panels can be easily moved and provide you with flexibility in terms of how you divide your space. Below are some examples of room dividers, partitions, and paneling produced by the team at Laser Cutting Shapes.