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Wood Laser Cutting Services

Wood makes a clear visual impression. That is why so many companies used engraved wood signs to advertise their business, or laser etched wood to decorate their properties. Wood laser engraving is also an excellent choice for companies creating any type of wood design, as its modern appearance is perfect for products like cutting boards, frames, crafts, shelves, game boards, and so much more.

Those that are interested in custom laser cut shapes and engraving find that wood is one of the best materials for an impressive natural look.

At Laser Cutting Shapes, we use superior laser cutters and decades of industry & design experience to create high quality custom wood products. From custom cut wood to engraved designs, our laser services can help bring your wood creation to life. From delivering precision cuts of wood for furniture parts and prototypes, laser cut wood sign lettering and decorations, to engraved wood invitations and placards — the sky’s the limit!

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Laser Cut & Engraved Wood Applications

Browse common applications of our wood laser cutting and engraving services to find inspiration and learn more about bringing your special project to life!

  • Engraved Wood Signs
  • Laser Cut Wood Logos
  • Wood Crafts and Toys
  • Engraved Wood Gifts
  • Laser Cut Wooden Shapes
  • Custom Cut Wood Parts
  • Wood Sign Lettering
  • Engraved Wood Invitations
  • Wood Placards
  • Engraved Wood Artwork
  • Laser Cut Wood Tabletops
  • Custom Wood Prototypes
  • And more!

Types of Wood for Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Shapes can cut and engrave a variety of wood materials. Depending on the desired design and nature of the project, a certain type of wood may be better than others. Our expert team of wood engraving and laser cutting professionals can help you pick the material that’s best for your project. Here are a few types of wood that we work with.

  • MDF
  • Plywood
  • Corkboard
  • Solid Timber
  • Chipboard
  • Natural Wood
  • Veneers
  • And more!

Wood Laser Cutting Features & Benefits

Lasers are simply the best choice for custom cut wood. It has several advantages compared to other cutting methods, including:

Laser cut wood is great for more complex designs that cannot be completed by hand.

Laser cuts and engraves cleanly, with no pressure on the delicate wood fibers.

Laser is fast. Those that need larger projects completed find that laser is far more efficient.

Wood is an excellent canvas for almost any design, and laser is the most effective tool for carving into wood with no mess or damage.

The Difference Between Laser Cutting & Engraving Wood

We provide laser cutting and laser engraving here at Laser Cutting Shapes, and we’re often asked to explain the difference between the two techniques.

With wood laser engraving, the laser processes a graphic, shape, or picture represented by a raster file. The engraving process involves removing material, processing the design line by line similar to the way a printer places ink on a page. Wood engraving is popular for photos, logos, awards, and inlays, just to name a few common applications.

Wood laser cutting, on the other hand, involves cutting through the material using the laser beam. This is a “thermal separation” process that uses the laser’s heat to cut right through the material. Laser cut wood is often used to produce specific shapes (such as sign lettering or furniture parts). Laser cutting and engraving are often used in conjunction with one another, with wood being engraved first and then cut to achieve a custom shape or design.

Laser Cut Wood FAQ

If you do not want there to be any signs of burnt wood, a special tape can be placed on the material to prevent burning. For engravings, the burnt wood look is often what makes the final product desirable, but there are ways to reduce this burning there as well.

Nearly all types of wood can be crafted with a laser cutter. Examples include Plywood, Corkboard, Solid Timber, Chipboard, and nearly every type of natural wood.

Yes. We are able to handle wood both small and large, in varying thicknesses.

Yes. If you need help creating a design that is ready for a laser cutter, our team is here to assist you at any step in the process.

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