Elevating Product Packaging: Laser Cut Paper Sleeves for MAG by Bentley

Laser cut paper sleeve for Bentley's MAG product, featuring intricate patterns and precise laser cutting.

Introduction: At Laser Cutting Shapes, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship in laser cutting. In this portfolio project showcase, we present our collaboration with Bentley Motors, where we designed and manufactured exquisite laser cut paper sleeves for their prestigious product line, MAG. Combining the elegance of quality paper and the […]

Custom Laser Cutting of Ribbon for Artist Anne Patterson

Laser Cut Ribbon - Anne Patterson - Laser Cutting Shapes

Laser Cut Ribbon – Anne Patterson – “Ascendant Light” Laser Cutting Shapes recently assisted artist Anne Patterson with her new art project, featuring long strands of laser cut ribbons.  The project is featured at the Capital One Center in Tysons, VA. Anne contacted us with the plans for the design and we helped to execute […]

What Is Your Brand?

Custom sign for a chocolate company

Here at lasercuttingshapes we bring to the table a level of professionalism, artistic influence, and custom and unique techniques to stand out. With the use of our laser technologies, we can bring your vision to life with etching, cutting, or engraving on a variety of materials and provide assembly and fabrication services. One of the […]

Laser Cut & Engraved Wedding Invitations

laser cut paper for wedding invitation

Laser cutting has changed the way that businesses and artists create custom products and items of all sizes. Here at lasercuttingshapes we are able to cut, engrave, and etch a variety of products and materials with pinpoint accuracy. This gives us the ability to make your vision come to life. No longer is this technology […]

Creative Space Solutions

There has been a lot of change in the workspace thanks to the events of 2020, many of us were faced with new situations like working from home, or finding ways to space out in work environments. As we look forward to getting things back to normal, now is the time to consider new alternative […]

Engraving, Marking, Etching… What’ll it be?

Laser Engraved Wooden Award

Looking for a new way to elevate your art, product, signs, or other materials to leave a lasting impression? One way you can do this is to consider Laser Engraving. This technology is an exceptional way to achieve refined and elegant looks. Our state of the art laser cutting technology gives us the ability to […]


Laser Cut and Engraved Buttons

At Laser Cutting Shapes, we strive to offer the best laser cutting service for a wide array of applications. Laser cutting shapes provide sophistication, class, and precision. Let Laser Cutting Shapes provide you with a creative solution to displaying point of purchase (POP) products, supplies, magazines, and more. Between our laser cutting, engraving, and etching […]


Custom 3D Company Sign Letters

SAY HELLO First impressions are important both for a person and their business. Why not elevate your professional first impression with our custom-tailored signage & letters. Whether it’s for your store-front, entertainment spaces, room identity, exhibition booths, or a personal business Laser Cutting Shapes offers a wide variety of options to help bring your brand […]

Custom Wedding Invitations

Custom laser cut wedding invitation

We hear wedding bells! Impress your guests with custom laser cut or laser engraved wedding invitations by Laser Cutting Shapes. With our laser services, we can help design and create unique wedding invitation shapes, etched and engraved effects, special lettering, layered materials, embossing and more.  Some of our specialty wedding card styles include gate-fold, tri-fold, […]

Why Your Business Needs Laser Cut Paper

With an ever growing sea of competitors, It’s especially important now, to show your clients and customers what makes you unique. Laser Cutting Shapes can create business collateral that makes you stand out from the crowd. We cut, engrave and etch to create beautiful luxury stationery, business cards and more. Our 3d laser cutting equipment […]