Competitive Pricing 

Wood Engraving
Orpheum Theater Backdrop by Laser Cutting Shapes
Laser Cut Doily for Elizabeth Grace
Laser Cut Doily for Elizabeth Grace

What is competitive pricing? 

Setting the price of a laser cutting service based on what the competition is charging.

What are the typical expenses?

Laser cutting cost: Our rate is $120/hr. Many companies are charging $150, $180 and higher. Our equipment is fast, precise and productive. It means that we can deliver more in one hour.

Our file preparation cost is very competitive at  $75/Hr. Needless to mention that we rarely charge beyond one hr of work. This is due to the fact that our designers are very well trained and everything that goes through them is filtering through the knowledge of laser cutting process.

Next cost is a cost of material. This is very transparent part and we always glad to share any information with our customers. If customer has a better source of the material we are gladly taking this path.

Cost of shipping: Its a common knowledge.  We are trying to negotiate the best possible price with the carriers. If our customer suggests their preferred shipping company we will take this route.

Laser cutting is also very competitive process  compare to the alternative cutting processes such as CNC, sawing, stamping, die cutting etc. In many cases such alternative processes simply not able to deliver the same cutting intricacy. Tool preparation and maintenance for the die cutting does not exist for laser cutting. This is why more and more printers are using laser cutting as quick and precise solution.


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