Custom Acrylic Table Tops 

Make your table top a unique conversation piece!

Acrylic table tops are widely used by restaurants, event organizers and catering companies. Clear table tops prevent table cloth from soiling and help to keep the served table in pristine condition regardless of any accidents. It is also practical to have a heavy table top to keep the table cloth in place on a windy terrace, patio, or ocean beach restaurant. Additionally engraved table tops bring more personality and convey a message about the event place. In many cases, acrylic table tops are used to protect valuable furniture. Please find below, a variety of shapes to suit your needs.

Laser Cut Huntington Table

material: clear acrylic (aka. plexiglas, lucite, acrylite, optix, pmma, etc.)

thicknesses: ~5mm (~3/16″), ~10mm (~3/8″)

quality:  laser cut flame polished clean edges. Edges are not beveled. Due to the laser cutting method the sides of the table top covers may have occasional points – The enter and exit point of the laser beam.These points are not invasive and totally acceptable by industry.

Abrasion resistance:  Regular acrylic has the greatest hardness and scratch resistance of all thermoplastics. In spite of this fact acrylic is still not totally protected against intensive wear or scratch with sharp objects. Our vendors offer acrylic material that has better scratch resistance, but such material has much higher cost. It is usually used in military applications.  It may not be practical in household environment to pay such high cost for specially treated acrylic.

We are using regular acrylic with factory specs on scratch resistance.

Optional center hole for no additional charge.



square with hole

*max size is 48″


circle with hole

*max size is 48″


rectangle with hole

*max size is 48″x96″


oval with hole

*max size is 48″x96″

Shipping and Packaging

Usually, the table tops are packed in a plywood box to protect them from being damaged during shipment. We add a fee to the shipping cost to cover the manufacturing of this box. For example, it may cost around $100 to build the box and another $150.00 to ship by truck to Chicago. This could cost even more to ship to L.A. or similar.

Custom Faux Etching with Frosted Vinyl 

Add a personal touch to your table top with a custom faux etch look with frosted vinyl. Provide us with your logo, or design in a vector format and we will cut a beautiful design in vinyl that will be visible through the top surface. This will give the appearance of being fully etched without the cost.

The custom etching is done with a help of so called etch or color vinyls. The vinyls are cut on opposite side of the table surface.

The price is ranged from $5/ square foot – and up for a various images and occasions. Order minimum is $200.00. You can also upload your file for our evaluation here. Please call us with your ideas @ 614-848-5700.

Custom Etching Examples

table top with etched logo

table top with etched design


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