Wall Paneling and Decorative Wall Coverings 

Unique Solutions for Adding Style and Decor to Walls, Floors and Windows

Introduce color, improve the design and function of your office interior, or add patterns and texture to your walls with custom laser cut wall panels and decorative wall coverings from Laser Cutting Shapes. In addition to bringing your design to life with made-to-order paneling systems and coverings, we can simplify the process through our selection of patterns, sizes, and colors.  

If the idea of a plain painted wall or papered accent makes you yawn, fear not. There are numerous options for adding character to your walls. Our custom paneling can be used to replace or cover entire swaths of your existing walls, or cut into various shapes that be hung in unique patterns, such as a checkerboard effect, vertical stripes, or a random design that’s distinct to your space.

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Eco Felt Wall Panel Covering Decor


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Popular Applications

With the popularity of open interior floor plans, decorative laser cut panels and wall coverings have become creative ways to maintain versatility while delivering stylistic and functional advantages. Laser cut wall panels, screens, and coverings can be utilized in a number of situations. Common applications include:

Common Materials

The precision of laser cutting can be applied to a variety of different materials, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your interior panel, screen, or wall covering project. From sturdy yet soft felt with its noise reduction capabilities to the wall bracing, cost effective wooden materials like plywood, our team of laser cutting experts can help advise on the perfect material for your job. Materials often used for wall coverings and interior panel designs include:

Examples of Laser Cut Wall Panels and Coverings

Laser Cutting Shapes specializes in helping interior designers, businesses, and consumers transform simple decors into extraordinary spaces by collaborating on the design and implementation of custom laser cut products. By using a diverse array of materials, we are able to deliver laser cut wall panels in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a laser cut felt soundproofing panel for your office to keep employees comfortable and focused at work, or a custom designed plywood room partition to bring your space life through texture and artistic design, the experts at Laser Cutting Shapes can help! Browse the gallery below for examples of wall panels and coverings we have helped produce.