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Corian is a fascinating material made of alumina trihydrate and acrylic. It is a manmade material, known for its ability to withstand the elements and durability. Uses of Corian have been growing in recent years as DuPont has created new and exciting colors that make it possible to create a number of different laser cut products, including:

  • Advertising signs and displays.
  • Custom and intricate countertops.
  • Art and interior design displays.

Corian is a long lasting material that is great for both outdoor use, areas with exposure to stains and moisture, and unique art and design pieces not seen anywhere else.



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Features & Benefits of Laser Cutting Corian

Laser Cutting Shapes often works with Corian products that are usually about 0.5” thick in a wide variety of colors. There are many advantages to laser cutting Corian, including:

Corian cuts very clean with laser cutting, with smooth angles that are unlike other cutting technologies.

Corian engraves very well, and laser cutting creates a sharp engraving that feels professional to the touch.

Laser cutting allows you to engrave multiple products quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime.

Laser cutting will not damage the Corian. The finished product looks like a mold in its quality and features.

Q&A For Corian Laser Cutting

Since Corian’s patent expired, there are also other solid surface Corian-like products that are created by other companies. We can laser cut most of those as well, but let us know what material you prefer before moving forward.

Some colors do change in small ways when laser cut, including the original Corian. But since then it has been made more resistant to these color changes, and with most colors any alterations will not be noticed.

If Corian gets too thin, it runs the risk of warping under the heat of a laser cutter. But please contact us if you have a specific requirement and we will see what we can do.

Absolutely. Whether engravings or cutting, laser is very effective for more complicated designs. Since Corian is a strong material, it can withstand most designs without risk of breaking or chipping. If we are concerned that the cuts are too thin, we will let you know before we start the design.