Felt Room Dividers 

Benefits & Uses

Felt is a very popular material for interior design and space management because of its durability, versatility, and unique qualities, including chemical resistance and noise reduction. Felt has a low coefficient of temperature transfer. Space division, wall coverings, and floor coverings are popular solutions for optimizing the design of interior spaces. Common examples of felt room divider and room partition projects cut by Laser Cutting Shapes include: 

  • Felt Room Dividers
  • Hanging Felt Dividers
  • Custom Room Dividers
  • Custom Hanging Partitions
  • Felt Acoustic Panels
  • And more!

Thanks to the versatility and durability of felt and the precision of the laser cutting process, you have virtually unlimited options for producing interior partitions, room dividers, and noise reduction panels that meet your exact interior design needs and specifications.

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Laser Cut Felt Eco Space Dividers


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Features & Benefits of Interior Felt Paneling Solutions

Laser Cutting Shapes is the premier destination for interior designers looking for fresh designs and modern felt material. Our collection includes Single and Double layer hanging room divider panels, all with unique designs. This line uses a wide range of colors (15) in convenient sizes. Featuring a tracking system that is made from modern materials. You will find everything you need to liven up your space with new shapes, vibrant colors, and wonderful, 100% recycled Laser Felt Eco from our collection. Our modern colors and designs will be sure to add a touch of cheer and class to your project.

Beyond our line of standard felt room divider paneling, we offer 100% customized laser cutting services for felt paneling. Simply submit your vector based file and our team can help bring your felt design to life. 

Felt is perhaps one of the most unique and versatile industrial and architectural fabrics available. Its many properties are unrivaled by any other single material. Some of these benefits include:

Felt is highly resilient, retaining its strength and unique properties for decades. Felt is is one of the oldest man-made textiles. It’s also one of the most cost effective materials for use in interior design and space design applications because of its versatility and long term stability.

Felt panels are dense and can help with noise reduction. These office panels can help make your space quieter and more comfortable. Acoustically absorptive felt products may be combined to provide a little or a lot of sound absorption with wall and floor coverings, hanging panels, acoustic panels, and baffles.

Laser cut felt is versatile and can be used in numerous applications. In its many forms, felt can be the best solutions for challenging product designs and intricate patterns. It can be cut to any size, shape or thickness while maintaining a clean edge.

Felt is chemical resistant. Synthetic felt and wool blend felt can be treated for flame resistance. All of Laser Cutting Shapes Laser Felt Eco panels go through FR (Fire Retardant) treatment and antimicrobial treatment.

Q&A For Felt Laser Cutting

Very few! Laser cutting felt provides almost limitless options. Custom felt paneling solutions are absolutely available. Our felt wall paneling, room dividers, hanging partitions, and other interior products provide designers with endless possibilities for both functional and artistic creativity.

Any vector file can be used to create stunning laser cut felt panels that are 100% unique to your project. Our laser cutting machines use a vector file to cut almost any shape, no matter how complex.

In addition to felt panels and dividers that are available in standard sizes, we are able to make any custom size panels.

Felt comes synthetic or wool. Felt could be 100% wool or less. Each type of felt has it’s pros and cons. Laser cutting felt with a high content of wool will create a darker edge. Also, when wool felt is laser cut, it releases an unpleasant smell of burnt hair. Thicker wool felt has darker edges and the unpleasant smell takes longer to air out. Contrary to this, thin wool felt has less visible dark edges, and the smell disappears within a day. Synthetic felt has a list of benefits compared to wool. It is less expensive. It is easier to laser cut synthetic felt because it does not change the edge color and does not have a specific smell attributed to laser cut wool. Lately, we work with suppliers that manufacture felt from recycled plastics.

This felt, called Laser Felt Eco, is the cleanest, greenest, most versatile decorative textile available.  It is perfect for interior paneling and office dividers that achieve your design needs, while also being mindful of the environment.

We have the capacity to keep billions of plastic PET bottles out of the world’s landfills each year by using post-consumer plastic bottles instead of virgin materials in the fiber manufacturing process. By doing this, we can lower harmful air emissions and save millions of barrels of oil from being used.  This, in turn, reduces the harmful effects of acid rain, global warming and smog. Fabrics made from Laser Felt Eco fiber are chemically and functionally nearly identical to those made from non-recycled fiber. The difference is that Laser Felt Eco fiber is made without depleting the Earth’s natural resources. With properties such as strength, softness, shrinkage-resistance, and colorfastness, market applications for Laser Felt Eco are expanding every day.

Leading manufacturers have given their endorsement to Laser Felt Eco as the fiber of choice for delivering exceptional technical qualities to their products. Our supply of recycled PET is received with product certification and specification test data. This ensures the criteria for 100% recycled PET and the quality level of the material are met. Supplier certifications are available upon request.

Custom laser cut felt orders are very popular. These are the steps we recommend following for a custom order:

  1. Decide on Size. Please remember that maximum width of a single panel could be no more than 51″. The long dimension is pretty much endless. The  standard length of our panels is 96″.
  2. Decide on color. Laser Felt Eco is 100% recycled felt that is available in 15 colors.
  3. Design your pattern. You may find an image that you wish to use for pattern design – we can help you to create a file.
  4. Decide on quantity of panels.
  5. Decide on type of panel: single layer, double layer, hanging or wall mounted.
  6. After all above decisions are made please contact us with information: pattern design+size+color+ type of panel + quantity
  7. We will be back with the price within 1-3 days.
  8. When you place the order you should expect your product within 5-10 days.

Our experts are available to help every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to start a free quote and let us know how we can help bring your project to life!

We offer several solutions for hanging felt panels. Others are available. Our hanging options include:

  1. Hanging with optional tracking system.
  2. Hanging with optional fabric loops over the rod. Rod is not provided.
  3. Plain panel with 5 holes at the top for any custom hanging such as rings or other.
  4. For the wall applications all our Laser Felt Eco panels have a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on the back. During the mounting, your installer has to peel the liner of PSA and mount the panel on the wall. Warning! The adhesive is very strong – please make sure that panel alignment is done properly prior to mounting.

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